homemade elf on the shelf

homemade elf on the shelf

The holiday season is a time for traditions and one that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the Elf on the Shelf. This beloved tradition involves a scout elf being sent from the North Pole to watch over children and report back to Santa on their behavior. The elf is known for being mischievous, often getting into all sorts of mischief while the kids are asleep. While the Elf on the Shelf can be purchased in stores, there is something special about creating your own homemade version. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of making your very own homemade Elf on the Shelf.

Materials Needed:

– Red and green felt
– White and black felt
– Scissors
– Sewing needles
– Thread in various colors
– Fabric glue
– Polyfill stuffing
– Small bells
– Small wire or pipe cleaner
– Permanent marker
– Wooden skewer or chopstick
– Optional: ribbon, buttons, beads, glitter

Step 1: Create a Template

The first step in making your own homemade Elf on the Shelf is to create a template for the body and limbs. You can either draw your own template or find one online to print and trace onto your felt. The body should be approximately 10 inches tall and 5 inches wide, while the arms and legs should be about 3 inches in length.

Step 2: Cut Out the Felt Pieces

Using your template, cut out the body, arms, and legs from the red felt. Cut out a small triangle from the green felt to create the elf’s hat. Cut out a smaller triangle from the white felt to create the hat’s trim. For the face, cut out two circles from the white felt and two smaller circles from the black felt for the eyes.

Step 3: Sew the Body

Take the two body pieces and sew them together, leaving a small opening at the bottom for stuffing. Use a blanket stitch or a simple running stitch to secure the edges together. Once you have stitched most of the way around, use the wooden skewer or chopstick to help you stuff the body with polyfill. Once it is full, finish stitching the opening closed.

Step 4: Sew the Arms and Legs

Sew the arms and legs following the same process as the body. Stuff them lightly with polyfill and stitch the openings closed.

Step 5: Create the Face

Using the permanent marker, draw a smile onto one of the white felt circles. Glue the black felt circles onto the white circles to create the eyes. Glue the completed face onto the front of the elf’s body.

Step 6: Add the Hat

Fold the green triangle in half to create a cone shape and secure the edges with fabric glue. Glue the white triangle trim onto the bottom of the hat. Once the hat is dry, glue it onto the top of the elf’s head.

Step 7: Make the Hands and Feet

Using the remaining green felt, cut out two small hand shapes and two larger foot shapes. Fold them in half and glue the edges together, leaving an opening for stuffing. Once dry, stuff the hands and feet lightly with polyfill and glue them onto the ends of the arms and legs.

Step 8: Add Details

You can now use your creativity to add any additional details to your elf. You can use ribbon, buttons, beads, or glitter to add a personalized touch to your homemade elf.

Step 9: Create a Wire Frame

To make your elf more poseable, you can create a wire frame for the body. Cut a piece of wire or pipe cleaner and twist it into the shape of the elf’s body. Place it inside the body before stuffing to help it hold its shape.

Step 10: Add a Bell

To make your elf even more authentic, you can add a small bell to the tip of its hat. Simply thread a piece of thread through the bell and tie it onto the tip of the hat.

Congratulations, you now have your very own homemade Elf on the Shelf! This unique and personalized version of the holiday tradition will surely bring joy and excitement to your family during the holiday season.

Tips and Tricks:

– You can use different colors of felt to create a variety of elves.
– Use different facial expressions to give each elf its own personality.
– Create different outfits for your elves using scraps of fabric or old clothing.
– You can also make a girl elf by adding a skirt or dress to the body template.
– Get your kids involved in the process and have them help with the cutting, gluing, and stuffing.
– Display your homemade elf in different places around the house to keep the magic alive.

In conclusion, making your own homemade Elf on the Shelf can be a fun and creative activity for the whole family. Not only will it save you money, but it will also add a personal touch to this beloved holiday tradition. So gather your materials and get crafting, and don’t forget to share pictures of your finished creations with friends and family. Happy holidays!

how to view someones old instagram photos

How to View Someone’s Old Instagram Photos: A Comprehensive Guide

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, allowing users to share their lives through photos and videos. While Instagram offers various privacy settings to control who can view your content, many users still wonder how to view someone’s old Instagram photos. Whether you’re trying to reminisce on a friend’s past posts or looking for inspiration from influencers, this article will guide you through the different methods available to view someone’s old Instagram photos.

1. Official Instagram Method
The first and most straightforward way to view someone’s old Instagram photos is by visiting their profile directly on the app or website. Scroll down their profile until you reach the beginning of their feed. However, keep in mind that this method can be time-consuming, especially if the user has a large number of posts.

2. Third-Party Instagram Viewer Tools
Several third-party websites and apps claim to allow users to view someone’s old Instagram photos without their knowledge. However, it’s important to note that these tools often violate Instagram’s terms of service and may compromise your privacy or security. It is recommended to avoid using such tools to protect yourself from potential risks.

3. Search Engines and Archive Websites
Sometimes, old Instagram photos may appear on search engines or archive websites. By conducting a thorough search using the person’s username or full name, you might find links to their old posts. However, this method is not always reliable, as search engines may not index all Instagram content, and archive websites may not have the complete collection of posts.

4. Instagram Data Export
In April 2018, Instagram introduced a new feature that allows users to download a copy of their data, including photos, videos, and messages. If you have access to the person’s Instagram account, you can request a copy of their data, which will be sent to the associated email address. Once you receive the data, you can browse through their old photos offline.

5. Saved Collections
Instagram introduced the Saved Collections feature, which allows users to save posts into different collections for future reference. If the person you’re interested in has saved their old posts into collections, you may be able to access them by visiting their profile and navigating to the Saved tab.

6. Mutual Friends
If you have mutual friends with the person whose old Instagram photos you want to view, you might be able to access their content through common connections. Ask your mutual friends if they can share any old photos or stories that the person might have shared with them privately.

7. Instagram Stories Highlights
Instagram Stories Highlights are an excellent way to preserve and showcase important or memorable moments. If the person has created a highlight with their old photos, you can access it by visiting their profile and tapping on the circular icons below the bio section.

8. Tagged Photos and Mentions
Users can tag other accounts in their posts, allowing you to view photos in which the person you’re interested in has been tagged. Additionally, check if the person has been mentioned in captions or comments on other accounts’ posts. By following these tags and mentions, you may stumble upon their old photos.

9. Explore Page
Instagram’s Explore page displays posts and accounts based on your interests and interactions. By exploring different categories and searching for relevant keywords, you might come across the person’s old posts. However, it’s important to note that the Explore page algorithm is constantly changing, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the desired content.

10. Direct Communication
If all else fails, consider reaching out to the person directly and politely asking if they can share their old photos with you. While this method relies on their willingness to cooperate, they might be flattered by your interest and provide you with access to their past posts.

In conclusion, there are several methods to view someone’s old Instagram photos, each with its own pros and cons. While some methods require direct access to the person’s account or rely on their cooperation, others involve exploring different avenues and utilizing available tools. However, it’s crucial to respect privacy settings and adhere to ethical guidelines when attempting to view someone’s old photos on Instagram.

cheats for pokemon go 2022

Title: Unveiling the Best Cheats for Pokémon Go 2022: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Master the Game

Introduction (Word Count: 150)
Pokémon Go, the augmented reality mobile game that took the world by storm in 2016, continues to captivate players worldwide. In this article, we will dive into the most effective cheats, tips, tricks, and strategies for Pokémon Go in 2022. Whether you are a new player looking to get a head start or a seasoned trainer seeking an edge over your competitors, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to become a Pokémon master.

1. Understanding the Basics (Word Count: 150)
Before we delve into the cheats and strategies, let’s quickly recap the basics of Pokémon Go. The game revolves around capturing, evolving, and battling various Pokémon creatures, which can be found in real-world locations using your phone’s GPS. To succeed in Pokémon Go, you need to accumulate experience points (XP), catch Pokémon, evolve them, participate in gym battles, and complete research tasks.

2. Utilizing Incense and Lures (Word Count: 200)
One of the most effective cheats for Pokémon Go is maximizing the use of Incense and Lures. Incense is an item that attracts Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes, while Lures can be placed on PokéStops to attract Pokémon for all nearby players. By strategically using these items, you can significantly increase your chances of encountering rare Pokémon and leveling up faster.

3. Mastering Curveball Throws (Word Count: 200)
Curveball throws are a crucial skill to master in Pokémon Go. By spinning the Poké Ball before throwing it, you can add a curve to your throw, increasing your chances of capturing Pokémon. Practice this technique to improve your accuracy and catch rate, especially when encountering higher-level and more challenging Pokémon.

4. Hatching Eggs Efficiently (Word Count: 200)
Eggs play a vital role in Pokémon Go, as they can hatch into various Pokémon species. To hatch eggs efficiently, use the game’s built-in incubators to start the hatching process. Additionally, consider walking or biking in a straight line to cover more distance, as the game calculates distance traveled based on GPS coordinates. This cheat will help you hatch eggs faster and collect rare Pokémon.

5. Participating in Raid Battles (Word Count: 200)
Raid Battles are an exciting multiplayer feature in Pokémon Go that allows trainers to team up and battle powerful Pokémon. To maximize your chances of success in raid battles, join local Pokémon Go communities to coordinate raid times and gather a strong team of Pokémon with type advantages. Strategically utilizing your charged attacks and timing your dodges will also play a crucial role in defeating raid bosses.

6. Employing Buddy Pokémon (Word Count: 200)
Buddy Pokémon is a feature that allows you to choose a Pokémon to accompany you on your journey. This Pokémon will earn candy as you walk, helping you evolve and power up your Pokémon faster. Selecting a buddy Pokémon that needs a substantial number of candies to evolve or has high CP potential can give you a significant advantage in battles.

7. Exploring Nest Locations (Word Count: 200)
Nest locations are specific areas where particular Pokémon species spawn in higher frequencies. By researching and visiting nearby nest locations, you can increase your chances of encountering rare Pokémon. Online community forums, social media groups, and Pokémon Go websites are great resources to identify nest locations in your area.

8. Utilizing AR Mapping (Word Count: 200)
AR Mapping is a feature introduced in Pokémon Go that allows players to contribute to the mapping of PokéStops and Gyms in their area. By completing AR Mapping tasks, you not only contribute to the game’s development but also earn valuable rewards, including XP, Poké Balls, and even rare Pokémon encounters. Take advantage of this cheat to level up faster and gain exclusive rewards.

9. Stocking up on Essential Items (Word Count: 200)
To excel in Pokémon Go, it is essential to stock up on various items such as Poké Balls, Potions, and Revives. Visit PokéStops regularly to replenish your supplies and consider using a Pokémon Go Plus device to automatically spin PokéStops and catch Pokémon while on the move. This cheat will ensure you are always well-prepared for battles and encounters.

10. Joining PvP Battles (Word Count: 200)
Player versus Player (PvP) battles offer an exciting challenge in Pokémon Go. By engaging in PvP battles, you can test your team’s strength, earn rewards, and increase your ranking in the PvP leaderboard. To excel in PvP battles, focus on building a well-balanced team with diverse movesets, understanding type matchups, and utilizing shielding and charged attacks strategically.

Conclusion (Word Count: 150)
Mastering Pokémon Go in 2022 requires a combination of skill, dedication, and strategic thinking. By employing the cheats, tips, tricks, and strategies discussed in this article, you can gain a competitive advantage, level up faster, and become a Pokémon master. Remember, while cheats can enhance your gameplay experience, it is crucial to play the game ethically and follow the guidelines set by Niantic , the game’s developer. Happy hunting, trainers!

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